Charging Tomorrow

  • Designed to give you a meaningful break

  • 175 KW CCS Charging and CHAdeMO Available

  • READY FOR 350 kw charging

  • 4 charging points (capacity for 6)

  • 15 - 20 minutes for 20 to 80 %

  • Restaurants and facilities near site












The site in Fredericia calls to mind the majestic canopies of a lush forest, inviting peace of mind while charging.

We recognize that drivers need access to ultra fast charging sites that don't add extreme amounts of time to an already long journey. But we also see the benefits in taking a time for a meaningful break that rejuvenates for the road ahead. 

This is why we will continue to expand the network, and champion the accessibility of next-gen technology. By doing so, we will create an environment that recharges yourself as well as your car.


Ready to meet the dawn










All the elements that are needed to make driving electric an easy choice are starting to come together. There is a lot of interest from consumers, battery prices are coming down, and now we’re building a vast charging network across Europe with our partners.

The possibilities for what this does for our future is endless. The flexibility and choice we will have in how we get where we’re going, will reveal its’ benefits for generations. Ushering in a new found freedom in mobility.


Freedom to drive

“To begin with, I kind of thought that EV was not real cars. It couldn’t be. But after having tried them, i must say I have turned.  Once you try to push the gas pedal… wow.” - EV owner









Photo by averie woodard.jpg

Freedom has been synonymous with the car since the Model T rolled off the first assembly line. Freedom to go and continue going. This is at the heart of our love affair with the automobile. A love affair that we are not willing to let get away.


Taking Time Together









catchtheTail copy.jpg

We know the time you and your family spend at the Fredericia site is because you have to charge, and we know time is just as scarce resource as fossils. How you create a meaningful break with us, is your choice. Lean back and take a moment for yourself, or interact with activities that make time fly.

We are moving at lightning speed, and will use scalable architectural design systems to implement our vision throughout Europe and Norway. This will allow us to establish sites with continuity of experience no matter the availability of space at the proposed site.


Welcome to the future now







To learn more about the next-gen charging project, please contact:

Henrik Skyggebjerg, Communications & Press Manager